Beetle Kitchen Stool - 66cm Gold Leg

Color: Dark Grey/Gold Leg
R 3,550


Seat Colours - Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey

Seat Material - Polypropylene Seats 

Frame Material - Metal

Frame Colour - Electroplated Gold

Size:  105 cm H x 52 cm W x 56.5 cm D. Seat Height 66cm

Beetle Stool

Not Stackable

  Inspired by the garden beetle, the Plastic Beetle Bar Stool is inspired by the form and movement of this garden insect. The beetle stool is a modern bar stool with a clever design and will provide a unique and stunning addition to your kitchen bench.

Our replica Beetle Stools are created to the dimensions of the original design, and feature a thick plastic seat shell which has two distinct parts that represent the exoskeleton. The black steel legs are angled to portray the movement of a beetle, and the flexible floor tips represent the feet of this creature.

With a seat height of 66 cm, the stools will suit standard kitchen benches which have a total height of around 90 cm.


Lead time to Electroplate legs to gold is 2 weeks

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