At Mad Chair Company we're MAD about quality.... and it shows in our product durability in the market... The Ultimate Test ! ! !

Below are some of the processes our products are put through to get it Certified to our specific High Quality requirements:

Colour Testing:                                          Leg Drop Test to Assess Strength:

UV Testing Chamber      Leg Drop Test

Maximum Seat Weight Test:                   Seat Impact and Fatigue Test:

Seat Load Test                              Seat Impact Test

Back Fatigue Test:

With what weight and after how long will the back start showing wear and tear

Back Lad Test

Testing Machines:

Testing Machine     Leg compression test


Manufacturing Processes:

Injection Moulding:                                  Powder Coating:

Injection Moulding    Steel powder coating

Steel Welding:                                           Assembly Bay:

Steel Welding    Assembly Bay   

Steel Bending Machine:

Steel Bending polishing